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Biennale de la Céramique 2015 – Exposition de Céramique Contemporaine.


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Biennale de la Céramique 2015 – Exposition de Céramique Contemporaine.
May 24-June 7, 2015

Folded Porcelain, Triptych_front

For the Biennale de la Céramique 2015 – Exposition de céramique contemporaine thématique Frontier, I will exhibit three wall panels titled Folded Porcelain, Triptych.
Folded Porcelain is the title of a series of wall panels made in very thin porcelain consisting of two different forms that folds and mounts inside each other.

In Folded Porcelain, Triptych, different nuances of blue are combined with just a few elements of black. The different tones and the darker areas foster distinct boundaries and frontiers, but at the same time the work stands as a cohesive piece where linear elements are fused.

The Biennial of Ceramics is an artistic and cultural event that takes place in Andenne, Belgium since 1988 and has acquired over editions a national and international recognition.
The event aspires to revive the industrial ceramic history of the city and to build a relationship with contemporary ceramists.

Exhibitions of contemporary ceramics make possible the showing of collections of works expressing the diversity of contemporary ceramics in the world.
They first aim to show major forms of expression and highlight the diversity of expressions, aesthetic renewals, new nuances in research and experiments of the ceramic material.

The exhibition will be presented in the Cultural Center of Andenne.

My participation is supported by:
Norwegian Crafts and
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Biennale de la Céramique

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