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The Second China Foshan International Wood-firing Conference


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In 2007 I was happy to be invited to the The Second China Foshan International Wood-firing Conference in Foshan, China.
 A big group of artists from all over the world came to join.

We all met up and did our work together at the Ancient Nanfeng kiln area, which was open to the audience. We had some amazing meals together all over Foshan, and finally, we exhibited our work after the most spectacular opening ceremony I have ever been a part of.
This was in June and the rainy season in Foshan, and I can remember standing outside the big dragon Kiln in this extremely humid weather, with the rain pouring down, the lightning flashed in the sky, and building my clay sculpture..!








OpeningImages from the Ancient Nanfeng Kiln area, the Opening Ceremony, works by myself, Julie Travis and Del Harrow.
I met so many wonderful people, here with the amazing Italian artist Nino Caruso.

w nino caruso

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