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Christina Peel (b. 1977) is a British-Norwegian artist working with wall installations in clay. She has a Masters-degree from Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Peel’s work is an exploration in materiality and geometry. The use of light, shadow and reflection, the interplay of form and surface, and the inherent aesthetic and textural qualities of the material, are all important aspects of her work. To create such large and intricate pieces Peel uses tessellating, three-dimensional variations of clay objects or small folded porcelain sheets that lock into one another and create infinite patterns. 

These works are experienced as a series of rhythmic abstract compositions, with all their elements forming a whole – variations on a common theme.

The interplay between form and colour can be experienced as both constant and changing. The colours of the different surfaces inside a single form might vary, and, for a viewer, small adjustments of perspective can transform the perception of these work.

This focused, repetitive process is an important element.

In many of her works she explores transformational aspects. The use of a phosphorescent glaze allows a shift between the visible and the invisible, controlled by the viewer. This glaze is charged by the effect of light and continues to glow in the dark, or when activated by a handheld ultraviolet light source.

Christina Peel has exhibited widely in Museums and Galleries internationally. These include: 

The Shigaraki Ceramic Art Museum, Japan; Guangdong Shiwan Ceramic Museum, Foshan, China; Scandinavian Museum of Ceramic Art, Fuping, China; Shijingyi Museum, Foshan, China; Musée National Du Mali, Bamako, Mali; Galerie Handwerk, Munich, Germany; Structure, Norwegian Contemporary Crafts and Design, Ventura Lambrate, Milan, Italy; Design with Character, Design Pier, Hong Kong, China; European Ceramic Context 2018, Bornholm, Denmark.

Collections include: KODE Art Museums; Bergen and Scandinavian Museum of Ceramic Art; FuLe International Art Museums, Fuping, China.

In Oslo her work has been presented at several group exhibitions in different galleries, including Kunstnerforbundet, Astrup Fearnley Museum, Galleri Format and 0047 Oslo. Her solo exhibitions Darkness Reveals, was featured at Ram Gallery in Oslo (2009) and After Dark at Kraft Gallery, Bergen (2017)

In 2014 she was awarded a silver prize at the International Contemporary Craft Biennale in Nantong, China. In May 2015 she was one of Norway’s participants at the Biennale de la Céramique 2015 – Exposition de Céramique Contemporaine, in Belgium. 

She has participated in artist-in-residence programmes both at the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan, and at the FuLe International Art Museums in China. She will return to China for another residency in Jingdezhen in 2023.

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